Our genuine presence as professionals, that which allows us to establish a comprehensive connection with our clients, is one of the key factors needed to promote change and a positive response from them.

The objective of this course is for every participant to individually explore what mindfulness is, to learn what the scientific investigations say about its effects, and to discover how it is practiced, so that they may later apply it and transmit it to clients in the process of psychological accompaniment.

Mindfulness for Coaches is designed both for executive as well as for life coaches, mentors, therapists, mediators, psychologists and psychiatrists. Training in mindfulness is recommended for professionals with experience as well as for those who are just initiating their path.

This course will teach you:

  • To be present with your own self as well as with your clients, and to develop new listening abilities which will allow you to identify your own intuitions and bodily sensations as well as to capture non-verbal communication;
  • New forms of facing your clients, without prejudices, without judging, which will allow you to effectively perform your role as a professional who accompanies others through change and supports their journey of growth, excellency, and lasting well-being, without being affected by your own mental maps;
  • To transmit the techniques of mindfulness to your clients in order to expand their own resources in decision making, conciliation of personal life with work, how to manage stress and anxiety, difficulties in communication, as well as increase their creativity and concentration.
  • To generate new neural connections in your clients by means of training the abilities of emotional intelligence (resilience, empathy, intuition, listening…), flexibility in face of life’s ever-changing situations, in order to respond instead of reacting, or loss of fear, allowing for greater emotional self-regulation.

This program can be taught as an intensive course over two weekends or in during 8 weeks.

Participants in this course must commit to a daily practice of at least 20 minutes during 8 weeks, and they must prove they have previous training in coaching or therapy.

It is given in:

Barcelona, Madrid and Bilbao.