Nowadays, lawyers not only have to deal with their own, conventional stress triggers (time management to meet pressing deadlines, tension derived from client relationships or from a highly competitive work atmosphere), but they also face increased work load due to cutbacks and the sine die freezing of their career plans.

Mindfulness has been scientifically proven to be very effective, not only in reducing stress from situations such as those described above, but also in freeing the mind from all the overloads typical of the time period in which we live –such as constant multi-tasking– as well as consolidating a series of cognitive functions which promote greater concentration.

Mindfulness has been taught in the American legal sector for more than 15 years:

  • In multidisciplinary offices: Hale and Dorr (Boston), Nutter McClennan & Fish (Boston), Leonard, Street & Dienard (Minneapolis), among others;
  • In universities: Both in undergraduate as well as postgraduate programs, at Yale, Columbia, Stanford, Berkeley, Georgetown, Miami, Missouri, Baltimore, and Florida; and
  • In Bar Associations: New York City, Massachusetts, California, Washington, Arizona, among others.
  • In conferences and retreats: “Mindful Lawyer Conference” and

Mindfulness for lawyers is a program which trains and develops the abilities of emotional intelligence with the objective of:

  • Improving your capacity to manage stress and anxiety by increasing your levels of emotional self-regulation;
  • Increasing your power of concentration and thus improving your performance;
  • Developing your ability to generate more creative solutions in negotiations and in conflict situations;
  • Strengthening your relationship with clients by means of attentive listening and empathy, among other strategies.

The program can be taught in 2 hour-long sessions during 7 weeks, as an intensive course in 2 days or by means of individual sessions. In whatever case, it will entail some follow-up sessions to ensure the adequate implementation of the techniques and their practical application.

It is given in:

Barcelona, Madrid and Bilbao.