In the seventies, Dr. Jon Kabbat Zinn of the Stress Reduction Clinic (University of Massachusetts Medical School) began to develop a program of stress reduction based on the technique of Mindfulness called “Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction” (MBSR); at present this is the most extended course on an international level.

Thousands of people who deal with stress produced by health problems or provoked by other personal or work related triggers have completed the MBSR program in the aforementioned center or in other hospitals, businesses, or schools with scientifically proven results in the reduction of their symptoms.

The objective of this Mindfulness course based on the aforementioned method is the training of attention, as this is the best strategy for those people who desire to improve their quality of life, specifically for people:

  • with health problems (chronic pain, panic attacks, depression…);
  • who wish to alleviate the effects of stress;
  • who want to increase their concentration and creativity;
  • who want to enhance their self-knowledge and confidence in themselves and reduce their “reactivity” by learning to regulate themselves emotionally and develop a healthy relationship with themselves and with others.

The course is experiential and interactive, and includes:

  • Guided Mindfulness practices;
  • Light stretching with mindfulness;
  • Practical explanations on the foundations of stress and emotions;
  • Weekly chores to consolidate the practice;
It is given in:

Barcelona, Madrid and Bilbao.