This course is the mindfulness program developed in Google. More than 2,500 of their employees as well as leaders of the following companies: SAP, Linkedin, Axa, Ford, or Genesys, have taken this course. It is taught by the only person officially trained and certified to give this course in Spain.

The Search Inside Yourself program offers combined training in mindfulness and the emotional intelligence, all abilities necessary for effective leadership and professional excellence, and is based on cutting-edge neuro-scientific investigations.

Good leaders are very conscious of themselves and also mindful of their collaborators and clients, as well as being open to the world at large. They possess the ability to direct their attention internally: to be conscious of their thoughts, their feelings and sensations, and they have the capacity to manage their moods and reactions.

These qualities are what turn a good manager into a great leader. Some leaders possess these abilities innately, others develop them. Mindfulness training helps build up and strengthen these qualities.

This course is designed for directors, intermediate-level managers and management teams who are looking to optimize their influence and impact, as well as to train the aforementioned qualities.

The search Inside Yourself program is structured in three stages:

  1. Attention training: Attention is the base of all cognitive and emotional abilities. The idea is to work on attention in order to create a mind that is simultaneously calm and clear. These qualities make up the base of emotional intelligence.
  2. Self-knowledge: We use trained attention to develop a high resolution perception of our cognitive and emotional processes, so that we may observe our mental sequencing and emotive processes with greater clarity and objectivity, achieving a profound knowledge of ourselves; this, in turn, leads us to greater self-management.
  3. Development of useful mental habits which lead to a general improvement in well-being, clarity, resilience, creativity, emotional regulation, communication, productivity and leadership.

This program can be taught as an intensive course in two and a half days, or as throughout 8 weeks; there is also the possibility of adapting the format and schedule to the client’s need. In any case, it entails several follow-up sessions in order to ensure the adequate implementation of the techniques learned and their practical application.

It is given in:

Barcelona, Madrid and Bilbao.