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They trust in us:

  • It starts with an understanding of cause and effect. How does my action actually affect not only me, not only the guy I'm working with, but how does it affect things in general?
    Robert Chender, Counsel at Seward & Kissel LLP, Founder of the “New York City Bar Association Contemplative Lawyer Group”,
  • Managers must learn to manage themselves.
    Peter F. Drucker, el mentor del management.,
  • I learned that innovation happens when you allow for space…. space comes from silence and mindful leadership training.
    Kris Burns, director, integrated communications, General Mills, Inc,
  • The biggest impact has been on my ability to quiet my mind. It’s allowed me to increase my focus when my team is presenting ideas to me.
    Joe Ens, VP, marketing, General Mills,


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¿Se puede ser feliz con sólo tres pasos?

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